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Bunny synthetic Hemp

Always in stock, 6mm currently recommended.

Non-allergenic, washable, UV resistant, becomes softer with use.

Ideal if your rope bunny has allergy issues with Hemp or Jute.

Strong,when new breaking load approx 350Kg ! suitable for suspension work.

Recommended SWL 50kg per line (minimum 5:1 safety ratio)

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Bunny Rope !  


For ages, ‘bunny-kind’ has strived to seek carrots, here are some of what The Bunny is currently offering.

The Bunny has many different kinds of rope available, if you don’t see what you’re after, why not drop The Bunny an email ?

Several types and colours of rope, plus other bits.

Online sales - currently on ebay but also available direct, without using ebay.

If you wish to purchase rope, or a kit, please send an email :-) XxxX

Other types of products are available.

Bunny’s Coloured 5mm/6mm jute

Natural, raspberry, mustard, blackcurrant, tropical green, scarlet and indigo

All of the above are custom orders, Bunny only does limited runs of these due to time taken and demand.

Also shown violet cotton and Hempex.

Hemp, sisal, manilla and coconut are  available too !!

Flying Bunny Custom Rope Kits

Shown with 8x10m Hempex, 2xEMT shears, 1st aid kit, hand gel, chem sticks.

Rescue cutter, safety torch/lamp and blanket.

Also orange nylon cord for other purposes ;-) XxxX

Flying Bunny Rope - Available in many colours and types.

Jute, Hemp and Cotton.

We also stock limited colours of 550 paracord and other types of paracord.

Just a brief selection shown here.

If you don’t see what you’re after, why not drop the Bunny an email ??

Flying Bunny Basic Rope Kit

4x10m Hempex & 2x EMT Shears

Bunny also does bigger kits

Like the one on the left for example

Bunny’s ‘Undercover’ Rope Kit -

Complete kit for rope play.

Includes 2xEMT shears, blanket, 1st aid kit, hand cleanser, rope lengths, safety torch and glow sticks.

This sort of kit is ideal as it’s not clear what’s inside until you open it, so you can take it almost anywhere !!

Flying Bunny EMT Shears

The Bunny stocks the full sized 7.5” or 19cm in length.

Blunt ended, so reducing the chance of cutting skin.

Slices through clothing, rope, will even cut coins, as carried by almost every ambulance and rescue crew in the world !!

The Bunny always has many colours and always in stock.

Flying Bunny 1st Aid Kit

10x14x9 cm approx in size

Contains :  

1x No 8 Dressing  

1x Gloves (pair)

1x Conforming Bandage 7.5cm x 4m

2x Relipore Dressing 5cm x 7.5cm

20x Assorted Washproof Plasters

1x Triangular Bandage  

1x Survival Blanket   

6x Wipes  

1x First Aid Scissors   

Bunny Safety Cutter

Enclosed blades, approx 12mm opening slices through rope very quickly.

Currently out of stock !