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Rope Safety Checklist

Rope Safety Checklist - Just a guide - by D620

You should see a PDF document below.  If not, here is a LINK

This is free to print, if you make your own, please include a link or a credit to this site and to D620 (the document creator)

Thank you XxxX

With an eye on suspension work or anything load bearing.

Bunny suggests a minimum of 5:1 safe working load, so if your rope has a breaking load of 250Kg, consider each line being safe to hold 50kg.

Hempex 6mm when new has, according to Langman Ropes website, a breaking strain of 510Kg. Others are around 350Kg

So by using a safety ratio of 10:1, that’s 50Kg per 6mm line when new.

If your rope is older, used, under a moving load, you could consider using a safety ratio of 5:1, halving the maximum load rating. (125Kg to give 25Kg per line).

However, as with anything, always test your lines, anchor points and all hardware prior to any use.

Safety First !!