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Welcome to Flying Bunny Rope !!                                                  

FlyingBunny is a UK based specialist rope supplier for humans

Flying Bunny has Rope, Rope Kits and Rope Safety Supplies, for YOU !!

Bunny can supply synthetic hemp (polyhemp) in 4mm, 6mm, Jute 5mm and 6mm(natural), Hemp 6mm, Sisal 6mm and Coconut rope.

EMT Shears, blankets, first aid kits, safety cutters, and full kits.

Hempex 6mm, Jute 5mm & 6mm, Hemp 5mm & 6mm, Coloured Cotton, Paracord and Nylon.…

There is also a safety advice section, which The Bunny encourages people towards, so they can play more safely.

Rope has the potential to be lethal !! But it can also be the best and most wonderful feeling in the world !!

FlyingBunny is the fluffy side of rope !! XxxX

Updated : 4.6 Rope Play Safety Guide


Safety Tools

Rope Kits

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FlyingBunny is a Rope Specialist Supplier and can advise you about rope for play, suspension, Shibari, Kinbaku, Semenawa, Western Fusion and general Bondage Play and Fun !!

Shown above (from left) Various Ropes, bags and blankets, 1st Aid Kits, EMT shears, rescue knife, hempex, Scarlet Jute and Other Items. Bunny ear headband from our market days.

Check out Flying Bunny’s rope kits, put together so you don’t have to !!

Custom lengths and colours, get in touch with your rope side today !!

Metres, millimetres, centimetres, feet, yards...etc

Whatever you want, if it’s rope for shibari, kinbaku, western fusion, or just for fun !!

Even if you are needing rope for another purpose, give The Bunny a shout and get some advice for your situation.

EMT shears (full size) or tough cut scissors are perfect for cutting through clothing and rope

Safety Cutters - Enclosed blade systems

Rescue Knives - Blunt ended